Cocaine “Volkswagen” 90% pure

Cocaine “Volkswagen” 90% pure



Buy volkswagen cocaine online 90% pure

Buy volkswagen cocaine online. Contact us for more information, we have the best lab tested products in their purest forms, order now and enjoy our services. Although this drug is categorized as a local anesthetic, I have chosen to put it in with the hallucinogens because of the psycho- tomimetic effects that it produces. Cocaine is not a phenylethyl- amine, but it produces central nervous system arousal or stimulant effects which closely resemble those of the amphetamines, the methylenedioxyamphetamines in particular. This is due to the inhibition by cocaine of re-uptake of the norepinephrine released by the adrenergic nerve terminals, leading to an enhanced adrenergic stimulation of norepinephrine receptors. The increased sense of well being and intense, but short lived, euphoric state of invincibility feelings, produced by cocaine requires frequent administration.

Highest quality available in European market. Pure uncut cocaine directly from South America. We provide the highest quality products for our customers. Effects: Quick euphoric feeling. The START time below is when you will usually begin to feel the effects of the cocaine from the time when you first take it. The DURATION is roughly the length of time you will experience the effects, after which the effects will start to wind off and you might start to feel the calm-down/comedown effects. Snorting and gumming cocaine: START: 1-3 minutes DURATION: 30 minutes Snorting dosage Threshold: 5-10 mg Light: 10-30 mg Common: 30-60 mg Strong: 60-90 mg Heavy: +90 mg Note: (1g – 1000mg) Consumption methods Snorting is the most common way of using it. Divide the powder out into lines with a card and snort it with a straw or a piece of paper. Gumming is another popular way of doing it. A small amount is applied on the upper and lower inside of the lips and the gum. Side note: Your lips and gums might feel numb from the cocaine. You are your own responsibility. IMPORTANT NOTE FOR OUR CUSTOMERS We believe in delivering the highest quality of products and the best stealth available for our customers. Our products are shipped out in standard sized business envelopes (P.S you can’t feel/smell the product before opening the envelope and even then you have to search for it) refer to profile for estimated shipping times. Tell others if our product/service is good, tell us if it isn’t Do contact us for larger quantities.


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