White Heroin 91% pure

White Heroin 91% pure



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Many heroin vendors cut their product with fentanyl and deliver it in powder form which is extremely dangerous and thats why we deliver our heroin only in rocks (some powder may be inside from shipping) heroin #H3 quantity/price: 1g/22 2g/40 (set quantity to 2) 3.5g/50 (buy our 3.5 listing) 7g/80 (buy our 3.5 listing) For bulk orders messages us first (requirements for bulk orders: atleast 5 trades with positive buyer feedback). STEALTH: – safe shipping country (Greece) – mylar + different decoy for each costumer/envelope or parcel – sniffer dog proof – smallest envelope possible

SHIPPING FORMAT: Name Company name (optional) Street City area/District City/Town/Village (optional) County Postal code Phone number (optional) Country AVERAGE Shipping duration: Greece: 1-5 Days Italy: 3-5 days Austria: 3-5 days Belgium: 2-4 days France: 3-5 days Germany: 2-4 days Spain: 3-5 days Turkey: 8-14 days UK: 4-12 days (After Brexit buy at your own risk) Canada: 4-12 days (ORDER WITH YOUR OWN RISK WE DONT REFUND/RESHIP IF SEIZURE). South-Africa: 8-14 days (ORDER WITH YOUR OWN RISK WE DONT REFUND/RESHIP IF SEIZURE). Australia : 6-20 days (ORDER WITH YOUR OWN RISK WE DONT REFUND/RESHIP IF SEIZURE). USA: we dont ship to USA. All PLACED ORDERS 14:00 BALKAN TIME – ARE SHIPPED THE SAME DAY. Every Order Is Shipped within 24 hours except weekends. Use PGP for own safety. We Are Always Open To Do Big Businesses With Customers For Further Information Feel Free To Contact Us.

We offer Pure Afghan Heroin #3 [100%] with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING ! The heroin has its origin in Afghanistan, and is transported in a direct line to the Netherlands without any interference. The heroin is untouched, dark, pure, and ready to be smoked or snorted. For IV-use, citric acid is needed to have it dissolved. ## SHIPPING ## All orders that come in before 13:00 Dutch local time; are shipped the very same day ! Indications for shipping time (in business days): + EU: 2-4 days + USA/Canada: 4-7 days + Australia: 10-15 days + Rest of World: 10-20 days ## SHOP ## Feel free to go through our shop to see our other products as well: – High Quality Cocaine [90%] – Excellent Quality Crack Cocaine [89%] – Strong Turkish Heroin #3 [70%] – 250 ug LSD tabs (stamps) – High Quality MDMA [84%] – Ketamine [S] – DMT .

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