BIO Cocaine 86%

BIO Cocaine 86%



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BOLIVIAN BRICK COCAINE – HIGH QUALITY COCAINE Here we have another fantastic batch of clean cocaine directly sourced from Bolivia. The product is transported via a new method which means we have been able to keep it in mostly rock form unlike previous batches which have always been as powder.

That being said if you order towards the end of the brick it will come mostly powder although exactly the same.

* This Bolivian brick is just off pure white and is of a flake texture with nice crystals and some fish scale but not synthetic

* Bolivian always has that distinct cocaine smell to it we all love although not too over powering.

* This product is as unadulterated as it gets – the pure coke and not the one with mixed amphetamines.

* This is best for real cocaine lovers out there – people who really know cocaine.

* Mellow high with long lasting euphoric feeling.

* You will be fucking all night with this stuff.

* No come downs This is the first time I have really thought to myself now I know people can get hooked on this shit and do it sober before work.. most shit you try you need at least 4 drinks before you have a line. Buy Cocaine Online

NOT this stuff. When you sniff this you cannot feel it going up your nose it is that clean. All you get is that lovely smell of pure cocaine and numbness. I could talk about this product all day but I have said enough I will leave it to you guys to experience the Bolivian brick. Important stuff from UKWHITE – The European Cocaine Authority: * The instant “power kick” that newbies rave for is usually the cut and it is not the cocaine in itself. Suppliers cut coke with active cuts which enhance the cocaine feeling.. the problem? These cuts are very hazardous for health and leave you with a terrible come down for days after. * Coke is not always in rock form. In fact, its mostly in powder form. Remember when cocaine is made its a powder its only turned to bricks for transportation. * With the right processes, acetone or ether smell can be eliminated from the powder without affecting its purity. These are very harmful chemicals for the body and are usual cutting agents. * Anybody who says their cocaine is more than 91% is lying. If you wash the cocaine and it comes back 0.95g from 1g you can be sure that your shit is full of MAGIC CUT which comes back. Cocaine will always have impurities such as tree leaves, dirt etc so unless its made in a lab. and washed numerous times you can be sure its not above 91%.



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